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About anonymous.d

Anonymous.d is an innovative online platform that challenges architects and design professionals from around the world to showcase their creativity while competing to win coveted accolades. With thousands of design submissions from up-and-coming professionals worldwide, anonymous.d is quickly becoming known as a destination for artists who strive to build credibility and enhance their profile within the design community.

Architect Harel Edery conceived and developed the concept after winning a competition to design a chapel for the U.S. Air Force. Understanding the opportunity before him, Harel was inspired to help other young, unknown designers get to the next level in their careers.

Since launching in 2011, anonymous.d has attracted submissions from a diverse cross-section of professionals living in the United States, as well as Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, South Korea, Japan, Syria, Iran, Poland, Israel and Hungary, among others.

About the competition

Anonymous.d hosts original design competitions that focus on both site-specific and concept challenges, ranging from designing a chair, creating a concept for exhibition space below the High Line in Chelsea, to envisioning a spiritual space for the 21st Century. Contestants submit their work anonymously, ensuring that winners are chosen solely on the merits of their work.

At its core, the competition serves as a forum that provides an opportunity for young designers to gain prestige in an otherwise competitive industry and contribute to an essential theoretical debate. Contestants also vie for substantial monetary prizes. Winning work is displayed on the anonymous.d website, leading architecture and design blogs, and at an annual anonymous.d event.
Former winners serve as judges on future competitions; and the public also has an opportunity to weigh in, voting for their favorite designs via facebook.

With anonymous.d, young architects, design professionals and artists of all stripes have a new and powerful way to share their creative vision with the world.

About the Online Magazine

Architecture and design is at its most powerful when it spurs healthy debate and discussion. At anonymous.d, we encourage architects, designers and artists to become active participants in our community. Have you designed a chair, lamp, bike, building or any other ordinary object in extraordinary fashion? Are you a blogger or a critic who wants to share an opinion about design and art? Is there an exhibition you want to share with your peers?
Go to the "Publish your work" page and send it to us. By sharing your work and criticism, you will be joining the NoNonymous design community of young creative visionaries and influencers. Contributors are prominently featured on our website.

We look forward to receiving your work and critical assessments, and engaging in lively discussions.

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